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The Three Dogateers Saves Christmas

The Three Dogateers Saves Christmas - Movie Image.

Genre : Kids & Family
Age Rating : PG
Duration : 1:27:29.983
Release Date : 2014-10-27
Director : Jesse Baget
Country : GBR

Track Price GBP 4.99
Track Rental GBP 1.99

Track HD Price GBP 5.99
Track HD Rental Price GBP 1.99

Barkos, Wagos, and their fearless leader, Arfamis are left to guard their owner’s house on Christmas Eve. When thieves break in and steal all the children’s presents, decorations and even the Christmas tree, these canine heroes must become valiant Dogateers. Embarking on a dangerous journey to save Christmas, the trio travel across their sprawling metropolis home in search of Santa Claus, who might just hold the key to solving the perilous quest. All the while, they must beware of a devious dogcatcher who is hell-bent on capturing the four-legged heroes and spoiling the festive season. As morning draws closer, can the Dogateers triumph and save Christmas for all?

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