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Cutter's Way

Cutter's Way - Movie Image.

Genre : Drama
Age Rating : 15
Duration : 1:49:20.64
Release Date : 1981-06-05
Director : Ivan Passer
Country : GBR

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Richard spots a man dumping a body, and decides to expose the man he thinks is the culprit with his friend Alex Cutter.

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Cutter's Way - Movie Image.

Cutter's Way - Cast & Crew

Jeff Bridges - Cast & Crew
Jeff Bridges
John Heard - Cast & Crew
John Heard
Lisa Eichhorn - Cast & Crew
Lisa Eichhorn
Ann Dusenberry - Cast & Crew
Ann Dusenberry
Stephen Elliott - Cast & Crew
Stephen Elliott
Nina van Pallandt - Cast & Crew
Nina van Pallandt
Patricia Donahue - Cast & Crew
Patricia Donahue
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One of the most important images of the Czech New Wave 60s, which was ranked among the top ten domestic films of all time. Feature debut screenwriter and director Ivan Passer is currently his only feature-length film, which was shot in Czechoslovakia. In this original sad comedy in a small town after ten years encounter two classmates - musicians: one is a member of the regional symphony orchestra, the other made it to the director of local music school puts family villa, playing at funerals ...