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Macbeth (1971)

Macbeth (1971) - Movie Image.

Genre : Drama
Age Rating : 15
Duration : 2:20:11.41
Release Date : 2011-11-25
Director : Roman Polanski
Country : GBR

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Roman Polanski presents his nightmarish vision of Shakespeare's classic tragedy about the lust for power and its bloody consequences. Jon Finch is Macbeth, the Scottish war hero whose insane ambition unleashes a cycle of violence. Prompted by the supernatural prophecy of three witches, Macbeth is goaded by his lady (Francesca Annis) into slaying King Duncan (Nicholas Selby) and assuming his throne. Macbeth plunges further into murder and moral decay to keep the unsteady crown on his head. While his wife crumbles away in guilt and madness, the haunted Macbeth fights to prevent another dark forecast which may doom him. Filmed in rugged North Wales, Polanski's Macbeth is a tale told by a master, full of sound and fury and genius!

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Macbeth (1971) - Movie Image.

Macbeth (1971) - Cast & Crew

Simon Keenlyside - Cast & Crew
Simon Keenlyside
Liudmyla Monastyrska - Cast & Crew
Liudmyla Monastyrska