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Timecop - Movie Image.

Genre : Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Age Rating : 15
Duration : 1:37:55.167
Release Date : 1994-11-25
Director : Peter Hyams
Country : GBR

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Action star Jean-Claude Van Damme (“Universal Soldier,”“Double Impact”) plays Max Walker, lonely widower and top cop in the Time Enforcement Police Force, which is tasked with preventing criminals from traveling to the past with the intent of altering the future. When his partner goes rogue and travels back in time to make a fortune on the Stock Market crash of 1929, Walker follows him back to the start of the Great Depression, and uncovers a scheme by an unscrupulous U.S. senator to raise money in the past, by any means necessary, for his on-going presidential campaign. While Walker chases down clues scattered throughout history, he is faced with his own personal dilemma when he realizes he will have the chance to change the past and save his wife’s life, and the life of his unborn son.

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Timecop - Movie Image.

Timecop - Cast & Crew

Jean-Claude Van Damme - Cast & Crew
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Mia Sara - Cast & Crew
Mia Sara
Ron Silver - Cast & Crew
Ron Silver
Bruce McGill - Cast & Crew
Bruce McGill
Gloria Reuben - Cast & Crew
Gloria Reuben
Scott Bellis - Cast & Crew
Scott Bellis
Jason Schombing - Cast & Crew
Jason Schombing
Scott Lawrence - Cast & Crew
Scott Lawrence