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Curious George

Curious George - Movie Image.

Genre : Kids & Family
Age Rating : PG
Duration : 1:27:13.567
Release Date : 2006-02-10
Director : Matthew O'Callaghan
Country : GBR

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Track HD Rental Price GBP 3.49

"Buckle up for this amusing, exciting and hilarious adventure" (Janet Stokes, Film Advisory Board, Inc.) with everyone's favorite inquisitive little monkey! When The Man In The Yellow Hat befriends Curious George in the jungle, they set off on a non-stop, fun-filled journey through the wonders of the big city toward the warmth of true friendship. Featuring the voice talents of Will Ferrell, Drew Barrymore and an all-star cast, Curious George is "a family classic" (Dean Richards, WGN-TV) that will have the kid inside everyone giggling with delight again and again!

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Curious George - Movie Image.

Curious George - Cast & Crew

Frank Welker - Cast & Crew
Frank Welker
Will Ferrell - Cast & Crew
Will Ferrell
Shane Baumel - Cast & Crew
Shane Baumel
Eugene Levy - Cast & Crew
Eugene Levy
Jessie Flower - Cast & Crew
Jessie Flower
Dick Van Dyke - Cast & Crew
Dick Van Dyke
Alexander Gould - Cast & Crew
Alexander Gould