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Harold and Maude

Harold and Maude - Movie Image.

Genre : Comedy
Age Rating : 15
Duration : 1:31:45.963
Release Date : 1971-12-20
Director : Hal Ashby
Country : GBR

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A teenager with a death wish and a 79-year-old high on life find love in Hal Ashby's cult black comedy. Deadpan rich boy Harold (Bud Cort) keeps staging elaborate suicide tableaux to get the attention of his mother (Vivian Pickles), but she keeps planning.

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Harold and Maude - Movie Image.

Harold and Maude - Cast & Crew

Ruth Gordon - Cast & Crew
Ruth Gordon
Bud Cort - Cast & Crew
Bud Cort
Vivian Pickles - Cast & Crew
Vivian Pickles
Cyril Cusack - Cast & Crew
Cyril Cusack
Charles Tyner - Cast & Crew
Charles Tyner
Ellen Geer - Cast & Crew
Ellen Geer
Eric Christmas - Cast & Crew
Eric Christmas