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Get Carter (1971)

Get Carter (1971) - Movie Image.

Genre : Action & Adventure
Age Rating : 18
Duration : 1:51:35.703
Release Date : 1971-03-03
Director : Mike Hodges
Country : GBR

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Michael Caine stars as Jack Carter, a tough, ruthless London mob enforcer. His only sentiment is for his timid brother, Frank, who works as a bartender in Newcastle and makes a point of staying out of trouble. When his brother dies in an accident, Carter goes to the funeral hoping to make amends for past mistakes by reconnecting with what's left of his family. But after learning that his brother was murdered, Jack single-mindedly metes out his own brutal brand of justice. But the closer Jack gets to achieving his goal, the more he questions his very actions.

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Featuring an all-star cast and a much-celebrated soundtrack by Queen, this is the original and best version of the sci-fi classic Flash Gordon, based on the comic books by Alex Raymond and Don Moore. Spawning Saturday morning serials, animated cartoons, a recent live action series on Sky, the story is once again going to be remade for the big screen in the near future. Meanwhile, you can enjoy this gloriously camp version in lurid Technicolor. Flash (Sam J Jones) is a football hero skyjacked aboard Dr Zarkov’s (Topol) spaceship along with the beautiful Dale Arden (Melody Anderson). The threesome is drawn into the influence of the planet Mongo where they encounter Ming the Merciless (Max Von Sydow) and together must foil his plot to destroy Earth.

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US theatrical success and critically acclaimed thriller which launched Clive Owen internationally. A taut, enigmatic gambling drama. Get Carter director Mike Hodges and screenwriter Paul Mayersberg have fashioned an absorbing and atmospheric narrative, filled with intriguing characters.

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Since the sudden and highly-suspicious death of his parents, 12 year-old Damien has been in the charge of his billionaire uncle Richard Thorne (William Holden) Widely feared to be the Antichrist, Damien relentlessly plots to seize control of his uncle's multi-national food conglomerate- and the world. Meanwhile, anyone attempting to unravel the secrets of Damien's sinister past or fiendish future meets with a swift and cruel demise.

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In this engrossing, futuristic thriller from master-storyteller Michael Crichton ("Jurassic Park," "Disclosure," TV's "ER"), Oscar-nominee and Golden Globe-winner George Segal ("Just Shoot Me") plays a brilliant computer scientist plagued by violent fits after an auto accident. A micro-computer regulator is installed in his brain, but malfunctions, turning him into a machine-like crazed killer. Co-starring Richard Dysart ("L.A. Law"), Jill Clayburgh ("An Unmarried Woman"), Donald Moffat ("Housesitter") and James B. Sikking ("Doogie Howser, M.D.," "Hill Street Blues").