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Veronica Guerin

Veronica Guerin - Movie Image.

Genre : Drama
Age Rating : 18
Duration : 1:38:17.952
Release Date : 2003-10-17
Director : Joel Schumacher
Country : GBR

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In the mid-1990s, Dublin was nothing short of a war zone, with a few powerful drug lords battling for control. Their most fearsome opponent was not the police but the courageous journalist Veronica Guerin (Cate Blanchett), who covered the crime beat with unmatched intensity. As she investigated and exposed the "pushers," balancing her home and family against her responsibility to her readers and her country, she became a national folk heroine to the people of Ireland; each attempt on her life only galvanized her legend. Her brutal murder in 1996 forced a dramatic revision of Ireland's laws and led to the arrests of the nation's top criminals. Based on a true story, this powerful, emotional film from producer Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of "Pearl Harbor" and "Black Hawk Down," and director Joel Schumacher ("Bad Company," "A Time to Kill," "Falling Down," "Tigerland"), gives unique insight into a fascinating and complex aspect of the Irish conflict and a poignant portrayal of a journalist who risked her life in search of the truth.

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Veronica Guerin - Movie Image.

Veronica Guerin - Cast & Crew

Cate Blanchett - Cast & Crew
Cate Blanchett
Gerard McSorley - Cast & Crew
Gerard McSorley
Ciarán Hinds - Cast & Crew
Ciarán Hinds
Brenda Fricker - Cast & Crew
Brenda Fricker
Don Wycherley - Cast & Crew
Don Wycherley
Barry Barnes - Cast & Crew
Barry Barnes
Paul Ronan - Cast & Crew
Paul Ronan