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Official Secrets

Official Secrets - Movie Image.

Genre : Thriller
Age Rating : 15
Duration : 1:51:46.655
Release Date : 2019-02-24
Director : Gavin Hood
Country : GBR

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Her government called her a traitor. Based on true events, Official Secrets tells the story of Katharine Gun (Keira Knightley), a British intelligence specialist who received a shocking memo in 2003: the United States is enlisting Britain’s help in blackmailing United Nations Security Council members so they vote in favor of the Iraq War. Unable to stand by, Gun defies her government and leaks the memo to the press, beginning an explosive chain of events that will ignite an international firestorm, expose a vast political conspiracy, and put Gun and her family in harm’s way.

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Official Secrets - Movie Image.

Official Secrets - Cast & Crew

Keira Knightley - Cast & Crew
Keira Knightley
Matthew Goode - Cast & Crew
Matthew Goode
Matt Smith - Cast & Crew
Matt Smith
Ralph Fiennes - Cast & Crew
Ralph Fiennes
Indira Varma - Cast & Crew
Indira Varma
Rhys Ifans - Cast & Crew
Rhys Ifans
MyAnna Buring - Cast & Crew
MyAnna Buring
Tamsin Greig - Cast & Crew
Tamsin Greig