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The Overland Stage Raiders

The Overland Stage Raiders - Movie Image.

Genre : Western
Age Rating : U
Duration : 0:54:36.867
Release Date : 1938-09-20
Director : George Sherman
Country : GBR

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The Three Mesquiteers (John Wayne, Ray Corrigan and Max Terhune) buy an airplane to fly the gold out that has been under constant attack when traveling by motor coach. However, the coach line's corrupt owner threatens the daughter of the Mesquiteers' aircraft partner, if he will not rob the air shipment. The film is notable for being the final film in which silent film icon Louise Brooks performed.

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When irascible boss T.R. Hollister (Jim Backus) threatens to pull the plug on an underwater environmental living project, employee Fred Miller (Tony Randall) and his wife, Vivian (Janet Leigh), take their family down in the deep to live for 30 days. With all the modern conveniences of a home on land, the family even invites a rock & roll band to get down and record. Merv Griffin (himself) arranges an underwater interview for his television show while Mel Cheever (Ken Berry) schemes to get Fred's job back on dry land.

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Madison is a Texas Ranger who takes a job as deputy sheriff and quickly becomes embroiled in a range war against Greene, a rancher intent on taking over the whole range. He also begins an affair with French, Greene's wife, who wants Madison to kill her husband for her. She ends up doing the job herself.

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A cowboy becomes attached to a beautiful wild stallion who he has trained for his personal use. He loses the horse who becomes used in rodeos and is abused. Eventually the cowboy and the horse are reunited and the cowboy sets him free to run wild. Based on the novel by Will James.

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A wandering cowboy, framed for murder, is hounded by a posse. During his search for the man who can clear him of charges, he meets up with the owner of a covered-wagon store. She comes to his aid and together they clear him of a murder charge.

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An OSS agent, working with the French underground, ambushes a Nazi convoy with high-ranking general, who escapes. Later they take him from a Nazi prison and smuggle him to England.

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The cattlemen's organization calls upon the Three Mesquiteers. Stoney Burke (John Wayne) rides into town with Tuscon Smith (Ray Corrigan) and Lullaby Joslin (Max Terhune) to pose as outlaws to round up cattle thieves who cleverly cover their tracks and vanish.

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Martin Scorsese Presents REPUBLIC REDISCOVERED—over 20 rarely seen films from the storied Republic Pictures library, restored and remastered by Paramount and personally curated by Martin Scorsese. In Storm Over Lisbon the owner of a Portugal nightclub works as a freelance spy. He tries to seduce information out of a US agent with the help of his nightclub dancer, but when she falls for the agent, both of their lives are endangered.