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Hotel Artemis

Hotel Artemis - Movie Image.

Genre : Thriller
Age Rating : 15
Duration : 1:34:02.943
Release Date : 2018-07-20
Director : Drew Pearce
Country : GBR

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Jean Thomas, aka THE NURSE (Jodie Foster) is the manager of the Hotel Artemis, an ultra-exclusive, members-only hospital hidden in a hotel redolent of faded ‘20s glamour. Tough, sharp and utterly fearless, The Nurse treats an assortment of assassins, gunrunners, thieves and gangsters in an unexpected state-of-the-art emergency room capable of providing a new liver with a 3-D printer or injecting a patient with nanobots that heal from the inside out. With the help of her towering assistant EVEREST, The Nurse wrangles some of the most dangerous criminals in the world, from sultry French assassin NICE and international arms dealer ACAPULCO, to bank robbers WAIKIKI and his brother HONOLULU.

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Hotel Artemis - Movie Image.

Hotel Artemis - Cast & Crew

Jodie Foster - Cast & Crew
Jodie Foster
Sterling K. Brown - Cast & Crew
Sterling K. Brown
Sofia Boutella - Cast & Crew
Sofia Boutella
Jeff Goldblum - Cast & Crew
Jeff Goldblum
Brian Tyree Henry - Cast & Crew
Brian Tyree Henry
Jenny Slate - Cast & Crew
Jenny Slate
Zachary Quinto - Cast & Crew
Zachary Quinto
Charlie Day - Cast & Crew
Charlie Day
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