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Tomb Raider (2018)

Tomb Raider (2018) - Movie Image.

Genre : Action & Adventure
Age Rating : 12
Duration : 1:58:00.697
Release Date : 2018-03-16
Director : Roar Uthaug
Country : GBR

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Armed with only her sharp mind, blind faith and stubborn spirit, young Lara Croft pushes past her limits on her very first perilous adventure into the unknown. If she survives, it could be the making of her…earning her the name tomb raider.

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Tomb Raider (2018) - Movie Image.

Tomb Raider (2018) - Cast & Crew

Alicia Vikander - Cast & Crew
Alicia Vikander
Walton Goggins - Cast & Crew
Walton Goggins
Dominic West - Cast & Crew
Dominic West
Daniel Wu - Cast & Crew
Daniel Wu
Kristin Scott Thomas - Cast & Crew
Kristin Scott Thomas
Hannah John-Kamen - Cast & Crew
Hannah John-Kamen
Derek Jacobi - Cast & Crew
Derek Jacobi
Antonio Aakeel - Cast & Crew
Antonio Aakeel
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In 1905, a tsunami devastates a small mountain town. Scientists know it will happen again - it's only a matter of when. Present day - as one man prepares to move from his hometown with his family, his worst nightmare is about to come true. The siren goes off and the disaster is inevitable. With less than 10 minutes to react, it becomes a race against time in order to save as many as possible including his own family. The Wave is one of the most impressive and heart-stopping disaster films in years, with spectacular action sequences that grip you from start to finish.

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Ten years after the Black Death has ravaged the lands, a poor family is ambushed by a pack of merciless killers on a desolate mountain pass. Nineteen-year-old Signe is the lone survivor. Held hostage and facing a fate worse than death, Signe manages to flee her captors, but her escape does not go unnoticed, and now the chase is on.