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Cryptic (2014)

Cryptic (2014) - Movie Image.

Genre : Horror
Age Rating : 15
Duration : 1:33:31.807
Release Date : 2016-02-01
Director : Freddie Hutton-Mills & Bart Ruspoli
Country : GBR

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Eight members from various reaches of London's underworld meet in a Crypt under an old Church to guard a coffin. Unfortunately, nobody seems to know what the contents of said coffin are. Not even the bloke that bought it off the internet. They could look inside of course, but the coffin is steel and has a timer on it, so that's probably a bad idea... As old grudges and new animosities start to flare up it gets harder and harder to stick to their orders, but seeing as there's a rumour going round that this vigilante who's bumping their men off one by one is actually a vampire, it's probably time to get out of here... But vampires don't really exist. But then - what's in the coffin?

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