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Dog By Dog

Dog By Dog - Movie Image.

Genre : Documentary
Age Rating : Unrated
Duration : 1:26:12.22
Release Date : 2017-01-31
Director : Christopher E. Grimes
Country : GBR

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DOG BY DOG is a documentary that aims to wake up the American public to the horrible realities of puppy mills by following the money trail across the United States and confronting those that have maintained this corrupt and irresponsible system. While many documentaries have admirably exposed the public to the sickening underworld of puppy mills, what has been missing from the public discussion is a close examination of the umbrella of monetary support from massive corporations to politicians and supposedly "dog-friendly" organizations. By following the corporate money trail from state capitals to Washington DC, DOG BY DOG will shine light into the dark corners of politics which has maintained a status quo that has allowed the most irresponsible commercial dog breeders to thrive. Many people try to save these animals one by one, or dog by dog. This documentary aims to point out the problems of the current system in order to move toward a kinder and gentler one.

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