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The Commitments

The Commitments - Movie Image.

Genre : Comedy
Age Rating : 15
Duration : 1:57:55.647
Release Date : 1991-01-01
Director : Alan Parker
Country : GBR

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In the northside of Dublin, Jimmy Rabbitte aspires to manage the world's greatest band, with only one music in mind: soul. By advertising for applicants in a newspaper and asking around to promising acquaintances, Jimmy holds auditions at his parents' home and assembles a band together. Unlike his idols, Jimmy's band is white. With the help of Joey "The Lips" Fagan, a veteran musician who answers the ad and joins the band and who has unlikely stories about meeting and working with famous musicians, Jimmy begins to whip the members into shape - gradually coming together beautifully onstage, only to have the group fall apart in a clash of egos.

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The Commitments - Movie Image.

The Commitments - Cast & Crew

Robert Arkins - Cast & Crew
Robert Arkins
Michael Aherne - Cast & Crew
Michael Aherne
Angeline Ball - Cast & Crew
Angeline Ball
Maria Doyle Kennedy - Cast & Crew
Maria Doyle Kennedy
Dave Finnegan - Cast & Crew
Dave Finnegan
Bronagh Gallagher - Cast & Crew
Bronagh Gallagher
Glen Hansard - Cast & Crew
Glen Hansard
Félim Gormley - Cast & Crew
Félim Gormley