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For Lack of Better

For Lack of Better - Movie Image.

Genre : Documentary
Age Rating : PG
Duration : 0:45:32.243
Release Date : 2015-11-10
Director : Clayton Vila
Country : GBR

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While skis are made for mountains, some only find them useful in cities. These "street skiers" dedicate their lives to traveling from city to city pushing the limits of what is possible on skis in urban environments. Jumping off four story buildings, flying into 50 foot high dams, flipping over staircases; these are some of the most daring athletes in the world. It seems like all fun and games, but horrific injuries, law bending behavior, and their "at all costs" mentality shows that, to them, this is much more. Filmmaker Clayton Vila takes you behind the scenes into a winter with these unique professional skiers.

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For Lack of Better - Movie Image.

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