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VIP Guard

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VIP Guard
Age 12+
OS 10.0
GBP 0.00
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“Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence”

Can you perform the ultimate rescue in VIP Guard?

Time to switch on close protection mode and become a master of security! In this challenging, yet amazing and fun game, you’ll need to use all your skills.

Here’s how to play.
1. Look for threats from your enemies. Spotted one? It’s time to spring into action.
2. Just the distance between you and your charge. Can you dive to make it in time to protect them? We hope so.
3. Wait! Did you just stop the bullet and level up? Go you!

With cool graphics, satisfying and smooth gameplay, you’ll wonder what you did with your time before you discovered VIP Guard?

We’re always updating our app because we want you to get the most out of it! - Minor bugs fixed - Performance and stability improvements implemented

VIP Guard
VIP Guard
VIP Guard
VIP Guard
VIP Guard