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WoodieHoo Dress Up: Animal Fun

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WoodieHoo Dress Up: Animal Fun
Age 4+
OS 10.0
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Play Woodiehoo Dressing Up Animals with the lovely friends of WoodieHoo in a free new dressing up game for pre-school children aged 2 years and upwards. Choose between lots of funny and colorful costumes and clothing items and learn which outfit the animal friends love the most. Does Freddy the fox prefer his knight costume or the unicorn dress? Will the pretty princess dress fit Bonnie the bunny? Kitty the cat loves the robot costume more than anything and Doody the dog wants to be the weightlifter.

Explore all the possibilities in the costume crate and find clothes that make colourful outfits for the unicorn, the witch, the viking, the firefighter, the princess, the clown, the knight, the hippie, Robin Hood, the weightlifter, the robot, Red Riding Hood, the explorer or the rubber duck. Be creative and mix up all the costumes to make outfits as colourful and different as you like. Play today and maybe you’ll invent the Red Riding unicorn, the hippie-knight or the robot-princess.

WoodieHoo Dressing Up Animals is a game that makes learning fun, encouraging development and stimulation of young minds through simple gameplay, letting you and your kids celebrate carnival or Halloween every day and what child doesn’t love that?

– Play dressing up games with four animal friends (fox, cat, dog and rabbit)
– Create fantastic outfits with lots of funny costumes
– Numerous costume combinations to keep kids entertained
– Picture-book design, lavishly illustrated and with great attention to detail
– Discover a world of creativity and fun to keep kids amused while they learn
– Simple gameplay and a user interface suitable for young children
– Completely free of advertising offering a secure play environment

The WoodieHoo app offers entertaining minigames in a bright, colourful and engaging world that can inform, educate and entertain. From pre-school onwards, children can keep discovering little hidden surprises, even when playing the same game numerous times. Whatever the weather or wherever you are, WoodieHoo Dressing Up Animals is the perfect companion to help the learning development of children and toddlers from kindergarten age upwards.

WoodieHoo Dressing Up Animals was created for pre-school children aged 2 years and older. In the advertising-free children's app there are no points, no time or performance pressure. The focus is more on playful discovery and having fun while dressing up. With lovingly designed animations and lots of surprise moments, discover a whole new world of fun which children just can’t get enough.

WoodieHoo is a warm-hearted kids app which encourages education and offers a fun way to explore and experience everyday situations. Developed by a team of children’s book authors, editors and programmers, the app is designed for children and toddlers from age 2 upwards. Discover a high-quality interactive world with picturesque illustrations and funny ideas that will even put a smile on parents’ faces.
Download WoodieHoo Dressing Up Animals today to enjoy fun games that will keep your child occupied, entertained and educated while they play.

There are no advertisements in the island world of WoodieHoo.
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Discover the wonderful world of Woodiehoo Dress Up and help your kids learn as they play. New feature: we optimized the parent’s settings for you.

WoodieHoo Dress Up: Animal Fun
WoodieHoo Dress Up: Animal Fun
WoodieHoo Dress Up: Animal Fun
WoodieHoo Dress Up: Animal Fun
WoodieHoo Dress Up: Animal Fun
WoodieHoo Dress Up: Animal Fun
WoodieHoo Dress Up: Animal Fun